Check out the Florida Keys in the Winter

Florida Keys in the Winter

There are many things to do in the Florida Keys during the winter, from scuba diving to fishing. You can also explore the mangroves and go sight-seeing. Here are some ideas to get you started. And when you get there, make sure to check out one of the best beaches in the area, Anne’s Beach.


Winter fishing in the Florida Keys is a great way to get out onto the water in a different season than the more popular spring and summer months. The temperatures in the wintertime range from the mid-60s to mid-70s and the water temperature is typically around 72 degrees. Even though it may be cold, you can still find great fish, and you can enjoy the sunny days and cool nights.

Offshore fishing is another great option. Many schools of ballyhoo congregate on the reef edge during the winter, and pelagic predators move in to feed on these congregated bait schools. Using the right techniques, you can target species like tuna, sailfish, wahoo, and kingfish.

Although fishing in the winter may be a bit less productive, it is still a great way to enjoy the area. There are plenty of tarpon and permit to be had. These species are resident and climate-friendly, making the area a great place to fish during the winter. If you’d like to catch some tarpon, you can hire a guide to point you in the right direction. If you’re unsure about where to start your trip, you can read our article on tarpon fishing in Key West.

Fishing in the Florida Keys in the springtime can be a great experience. There are dozens of species of fish in the waters off the Florida Keys. The most common are sailfish, wahoo, and dolphin. However, you should consider the weather and sea conditions before booking your trip. During March, the sea can be very rough, so it’s best to book early.

Fishing in the Florida Keys in the springtime is also a great time to catch yellowfin tuna. During the winter, this species tend to migrate near shorelines, making it the perfect time to catch one. To get the best fishing experience, you should book a fishing charter during late November or early December.

Exploring mangroves

When you first visit mangroves, you might not know that they grow so high. At first, they look like long banks of mud and shells, stretching out into the ocean. It’s like they’ve been planted by an unseen hand. You’ll see that their roots are so long and spread that the water is often right up to their main trunk.

The Florida Keys are home to miles of mangrove forests. These trees help maintain the clarity of the water and filter it, so that you can enjoy the beauty of the natural environment. They also help protect marine life by providing shelter and a food source. Not only that, but mangroves also provide habitat for a wide variety of birds.

There are many reasons to visit the Florida Keys during the winter months. For example, the mangroves are a great place to see sea turtles. You can explore the mangroves from a boat and see a variety of marine life. You can even get close to sea turtles and sharks!

Another reason to visit mangroves in the Florida Keys during the winter is because of the protected nature of the area. You can go snorkeling or kayaking and watch migratory birds. You’ll also be able to explore mangrove boardwalk trails and enjoy the scenery.


The winter months in the Florida Keys are relatively mild and humid with temperatures averaging in the 70s. Despite the high humidity, temperatures are still bearable, which is why they are a great time to travel. Springtime is also a good time to go, as the crowds begin to disperse after Spring Break. You can also take advantage of the lower prices of hotel rooms.

Sightseeing in the Florida Keys is a great way to experience the area’s natural beauty without having to worry about the weather. The Florida Keys are located in southern Florida, and it’s a short road trip from Miami. The drive through the keys is scenic, and you can make stops on islands along the way. The drive can take about a day. You can also fly to Key West from some airports in the US. However, be aware that some airports may have limited flights, so make sure to check before traveling.

Visiting the Florida Keys is also a great way to see the area’s marine life. The waters surrounding the chain are protected by the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. You can also go snorkeling and watch dolphins. The waters are very clear, and you won’t have to worry about freezing waters or rain.

Winter weather in the Florida Keys is warmer than in the rest of the U.S. The 125-mile-long chain is a popular destination for visitors due to its wide-open spaces, turquoise waters, and on-water activities. Additionally, some historical highlights are scheduled for opening in 2022, including the opening of the Old Seven Mile Bridge as a fresh air linear park.


For those who aren’t quite ready to go to the beach in the middle of winter, you might want to check out Marathon’s Sombrero Beach. This long stretch of sand is a popular spot for families and those who love to swim. The beach is also dog friendly, with plenty of shade and facilities. This area is also a good choice for snorkelers. Sombrero Beach is located a few miles off the Overseas Highway and is a local favorite.

The Florida Keys are a string of islands with many great beaches. These beaches are much quieter than those on the mainland, with little or no waves. They also have an almost Caribbean feel because they are protected by reefs. Despite their quieter atmosphere, Florida Keys beaches offer sunny days and clear water in the winter.

Winter weather in the Florida Keys is warmer than the winter in many parts of the U.S., making them a popular vacation spot year round. There are many activities to enjoy, including sport fishing, diving and other water sports. The reef around the island chain is home to a variety of fish species. Key Largo is known for its excellent sailfishing, while Islamorada is the perfect place for snappers and grouper. In the Upper Keys, you can also enjoy Spanish mackerel schools, which are among the most common winter catches.

The best beach to visit in the winter is the famous Robbie’s Marina, which features an open-air arts and flea market and a restaurant. Visitors can also take eco-tours or kayaking tours. While you’re at the beach, consider taking a break and grabbing a quick bite at the Southernmost Beach Cafe.


While spring, summer, and early fall are the most popular seasons, winter is no reason to skip the Keys. During the warmer months, you can enjoy outdoor activities and cultural events such as the Key West Songwriters Festival and Conch Republic Independence Celebration. You can also visit the Florida Keys Eco Discovery Center to learn about marine conservation. The museum includes over 6,000 feet of interactive exhibits, including the world’s only underwater research laboratory. The museum also has a unique gift shop.

While visiting the Keys during the winter, you can take part in many winter activities and events. There are also many activities that are unique to Key West. You can enjoy the local cuisine at the local restaurants and shop at the island’s local boutiques and shops. In addition, there are plenty of photo ops and souvenir shops to visit.

The Keys have a vast number of beaches, and snorkeling is a popular option. The Keys’ state parks are also a wonderful place for outdoor activities. You can even go kayaking in Bahia Honda State Park! Camping is also available here, and there are some great campgrounds and cabins available to rent.

Visiting the Turtle Hospital is another exciting option for a day out in Key West. There are many rescued sea turtles in this sanctuary, so you can watch the turtles up close and get a unique perspective on them. There are even guided tours of the facilities, which can be interesting for the whole family. The Florida Keys are a great destination for families. The climate is warm and ideal for swimming and snorkeling. You can also visit some unique state parks and enjoy art and culture in Islamorada. If you are into geology, you might want to pay a visit to Windley Key Fossil Reef State Park.