Must See – Florida Gators Football Game

Florida Gators Football Game

If you love college football and are planning a trip to Gainesville, go to a Florida gators football game. They are a very popular team, and their home games can sell out quickly. The stadium is known as the Swamp, and is filled with loyal fans. The fight song, “We are the Boys of Old Florida,” has become a staple of UF sporting events. There is also a classic tradition of the “Alma Mater.”


It’s hard to beat the tailgate party at a Florida gators football game. With the infamous Swamp, you can expect the atmosphere to be rowdy and hot! Fans tailgate from sunrise to sunset around campus and near the stadium. Fans are encouraged to “gator chomp,” which is an action that involves stretching out the arms in front of one’s face and clamping them together as if a gator is biting them. This is commonly done in the lead-up to the game, and fans practice before each game to perfect their gator chomp.

Tailgating at a Florida gator football game is a tradition that stretches back decades in Gainesville. In 1979, it was a ritual for UF graduates to gather with family members and friends to watch games. In the 1980s, tailgating was so popular, in fact, that tents dotted the North Lawn were empty. Eventually, the tents filled up and the tailgate became a phenomenon known as the Two-Headed Gator Tailgate.

As with all tailgates, you should remember to keep your emotions in check. Be sure to have a couple of drinks early on, grab some snacks, and get to know your fellow tailgaters. It’s also important to start early, before the stadium doors open. And don’t forget to bring something to trade or sell!

Tailgating at a Florida gator football game is a tradition for Gator Nation and the University of Florida. You’ll find plenty of parking options in the stadium parking lots, and you can even buy tickets to stay overnight at the stadium! Afterwards, you can head out to Gator Fan Fest, a festival with food and giveaways for all gator fans.

In order to make tailgating at a Florida gators game a success, it’s important to plan ahead of time. For example, you should purchase aluminum foil and plastic containers to store leftover snacks and food. Also, you should have a garbage bag, hand sanitizer, and wet wipes on hand to keep things clean. These items are not optional, but they’ll make your gameday experience easier!

University of Florida fight song

When going to a Florida gators football or basketball game, you may hear the University of Florida fight song, “The Orange and Blue.” This fight song is a traditional one of the University of Florida. It is popular throughout Gainesville and can be a great way to get into the spirit of the game.

The University of Florida fight song is sung at home and away games. It was written by Milton L. Yeats and is performed during commencements and after home football victories. Whenever a Gator wins, its fans will stand up and sing the fight song, “We are the Boys.” Many Gator fans sway from side to side and sing the song during halftime.

While Ben Shelton may not be of legal drinking age, he led the crowd in the fight song during the pregame Two Bits cheer. The 19-year-old is the son of men’s tennis head coach Bryan Shelton. Ben was part of the team that won the 2021 NCAA team title and spent the 2022 season as the No. 1 team in the country.

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium is a large stadium with excellent sight lines and great sight lines. Fans of the University of Florida are loyal to the team has a rich tradition. During their games, the fans at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium get rowdy and wildly excited.

The fight song played by the Florida Gators’ marching band has been controversial in the past. Some have protested the use of Confederate symbols during games. In the 1962 game against Penn State, the Gators’ players wore Confederate battle flag patches on their uniforms. The numbers were also changed to the rebel flag. The protest was a result of an Alabama governor who threw himself in a doorway to protest Black enrollment in the school. Despite these protests, the University of Alabama’s president, Lurleen Wallace, issued an executive order requiring their football team to play “Dixie.”

University of Florida traditions

There are many traditions to enjoy when attending a football game at the University of Florida. One of the most iconic is the Gator Growl, the largest student-run pep rally in the world. It is an event that culminates homecoming week at UF. The Gator Growl has hosted many famous guests, including Bob Hope, Jay Leno, Bill Cosby, Daniel Tosh, and Kevin Hart.

Another tradition is to wear the colors of the University of Florida. Orange and blue are the school colors, and wearing these colors to games is a way to show your school spirit. There are also giveaways of “Beat” t-shirts that are given away during home games.

You’ll also find a message in the south end zone that commemorates the school’s recent successes. The message on the south end zone of the stadium features a list of SEC and National Championships. You can also view the Ring of Honor for the school’s legendary coaches, including Steve Spurrier, Emmitt Smith, and Jack Youngblood.

When you go to a UF football game, you’ll also want to experience the Gator Walk, an inter-team tradition that involves team interaction with fans. This is coordinated during the pre-game ceremony and breaks out at various points throughout the game. The Gator Walk, which has become popular since Urban Meyer’s arrival in 2005, involves the team’s buses lined up to give fans high fives on the sidewalk leading to Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. It’s a great opportunity to see the players interact with fans and get them revved up for kickoff.

The Gator Chomp is another Florida tradition. It’s the most famous of all Florida traditions and can be seen everywhere during a Florida game. It is performed before the kickoff and during the halftime and post-game shows. The Gator Chomp is often accompanied by Jaws, a mascot. The University of Florida is known for its school spirit. The students are known as “gators for life,” and the fans are known as “gator nation.” This phrase is more than just a saying – it means family in Gainesville. Even after graduation, you’ll be part of the Gator Nation.