Things to Do in Legoland Florida

Before visiting Legoland Florida, you should come early. The earlier you arrive, the better, as this allows you time to make last-minute preparations and to find parking. Once inside, try to start at the back of the park so you can experience the popular rides before crowds begin to build. This way, you can enjoy the entire theme park without having to wait in long lines. Here are some tips for making the most of your Legoland Florida experience.

The Dragon’s Den

The Dragon’s Den in Legoland’s Kingdoms has some great food. It has a counter-service menu, and readers say the food is good. Popular items include turkey legs, hot dogs, and honey-battered mini corn dogs. To submit written reviews and rating, readers must register. Once logged in, they can rate and write reviews about the Dragon’s Den at Legoland Florida.

The food is plentiful at the park. There are many dining options for all types of foodies. A buffet is available with ice-cold beer, giant smoked turkey legs, and honey-battered mini corn dogs. There are also plenty of sandwiches, salads, and desserts to choose from, including the infamous Cinnamon Waffle and Chicken BLT. You can also find soft-serve ice cream and add-in flavors from Kingdom Cones. The Dragon’s Den also features tasty snacks including craft beer, turkey legs, and mini corndogs.

In addition to its rides, visitors can also watch live shows at the park. Brickbeard’s Watersport Stunt Show will be new for 2021, but guests will have a chance to view an exciting water ski show in the 1930s. Guests will have the chance to see some of their favorite characters in action. The theme park is divided into several different zones. The park offers rides for children of all ages.

For the kids, there are a number of attractions in Legoland Florida. For the little ones, there’s The Great LEGO Race, which is part roller coaster and part virtual reality. Guests under 48 inches must be accompanied by an adult and a rider must be at least fourteen years old. For adults, there’s the two-story Grand Carousel. Families can also enjoy LEGO NINJAGO The Ride, where guests become ninjas.

The Dragon is a family-friendly steel roller coaster. Guests must be at least forty inches tall to ride. Children under 48 inches tall must ride the Dragon with an adult 14 years old. The Dragon’s Den also includes a children’s play area with rope bridges, ladders, and tunnels. Another great ride at Legoland Florida is Beetle Bounce, which is a 15-foot bounce. It is recommended that children be at least 36 inches tall. There is also a spooky laser ride.

Imagination Zone

If you’re planning a visit to LEGOLAND Florida, you shouldn’t miss the Imagination Zone. This indoor attraction is packed with hands-on LEGO activities, rides, and even dining stops. The Imagination Zone is perfect for aspiring master builders because you can build your own working products using a massive collection of LEGOs. Here, your kids can become creative master builders and build anything they can imagine!

The Imagination Zone is a hands-on experience filled with interactive LEGO activities and awesome themed zones. Guests can build airplanes, cars, and other cool things. There are also plenty of ways to play the latest video games using LEGO bricks. If you have kids, they can also try their hand at building computer-controlled models in the LEGO Mindstorms learning zone. The Imagination Zone is a fun, family day out for the entire family, and there are endless ways to engage your children.

The LEGOLAND Imagination Zone is a great place for children to express themselves and build new things. The Imagination Zone features dozens of interactive exhibits, more than 50 rides, and brick-themed attractions for every age. Even parents can enjoy this space with their kids. The park is long, so it’s best to go in counter-clockwise directions. However, going from The LEGO Movie World to Flying School is a long, bumpy trek. Make sure you get a parking receipt so you can avoid double-parking charges. You can return to the park again on the same day.

The Imagination Zone at LEGOLAND Florida is another great attraction that will keep your kids entertained for hours. The park is located in Winter Haven, and features bright colors and polished plastic pieces throughout. You can also find whimsical minifigure characters using digitally printed graphic vinyl. A delicious meal will be a must while visiting the park. And don’t forget to indulge in some tasty tacos at the park.

In addition to Imagination Zone rides, visitors can build flying machines and race them on zip lines. The only rides in the Imagination Zone are the Kid Power Towers. Visitors pull themselves up 30 feet (10 metres) by ropes and then fall free. The towers rotate slowly and have dual seats on each column. It is also open seasonally. The hotel offers free breakfast and self-parking. If you’re planning on staying overnight, you can stay at the LEGOLAND Pirate Island Hotel, where the kids can sleep in bunk beds and play with LEGOs.


Located in the Land of Adventure area of Legoland Florida, the Coastersaurus roller coaster was previously known as Triple Hurricane. The roller coaster is a 1365-foot wooden coaster with a 40-foot hill at the start. Riders are transported to prehistoric times on the wooden track, passing by life-size Lego brick dinosaurs. The ride features a simulated roar, an airtime hill, and a loop.

The roller coaster is family friendly, but you will definitely get a heart-pounding thrill when riding the coaster. Although this coaster is a thrill ride, the line was not long at all. You will be seated two per row and must be at least 42 inches tall to ride. However, this is not the only coaster in Legoland Florida. There is another one located in Legoland California.

The Coastersaurus is a wooden roller coaster that curves around a prehistoric jungle. Riders will get a glimpse of life-sized LEGO brick dinosaurs and will never get bored riding this roller coaster. It is a good first roller coaster for kids and novices alike, and is an excellent way to work up to more adventurous rides. The roller coaster is also equipped with a photo booth, so you can capture some great memories of your kids’ first roller-coaster rides.


Shade structures are in the works for Miniland Florida. The park has revealed that construction will begin next week and be completed by summer. The shade structures are a much-needed respite from the sun in Florida. Miniland Florida is an amusement park featuring little-brick replicas of famous landmarks and cities from all around the world. The park is open to the public and offers rides and other activities year-round.

There are interactive buttons throughout the park, so visitors can take part in the action. Press buttons to see vehicles and figures spring into action! The mini-park even features a Hollywood Bowl. Attractions like these are perfect replicas of famous landmarks and are sure to make your visit to Miniland Florida an unforgettable experience. However, it may take a bit more time than anticipated. Miniland Florida is a family destination, so plan your visit accordingly.