Things to Do in Titusville, Florida

Things to Do in Titusville, Florida

Titusville is a city in east-central Florida. It’s the county seat of Brevard County, and has a population of about 43,761 as of the 2010 census. The area is a great place to visit, and there are a lot of things to do there.

Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit

The $100 million space shuttle Atlantis exhibit will open at Kennedy Space Center in June. It will tell the story of the 30-year shuttle program. Visitors will be able to see and experience the history of the shuttle, including a virtual reality spacewalk and astronaut training simulators.

In addition to the Space Shuttle Atlantis, the attraction will include a 3D IMAX film and 167 interactive exhibits. Visitors will learn about the space program’s early days, the Apollo program and the International Space Station.

A model of the Hubble Space Telescope will be displayed, along with a crawl-through mini International Space Station. Visitors will also have the opportunity to experience a sonic boom and a space walk.

Skydive Space Center

Skydive Space Center in Titusville, Florida ain’t your average skydiving operation. The site boasts a number of feats of engineering, including the world’s largest parachute. In addition to a plethora of adrenaline-pumping stunts, the facility has a number of cool perks, including a VIP package that includes the best tandem skydive in the country.

Aside from their skydiving operations, the company also operates a number of other aerospace related endeavors, including a gizmo based drone program. They aren’t the only ones in the biz. The Titusville Fire Department has confirmed a number of high-flying skydiving accidents. One in particular involved two jumpers who crashed in the front yard of their own home.

Enchanted Forest Sanctuary

Enchanted Forest Sanctuary in Titusville, Florida is an amazing place for nature lovers to experience. This 428-acre sanctuary has a unique geology and is home to a variety of animals. It’s also a great place for families to explore.

The best way to experience the natural wonders at Enchanted Forest Sanctuary is to hit the trails. The trail system has many trails and routes that are well-marked with signage. There are also several overlooks along the way. For a small fee, you can even have a guided tour of the site.

In addition to hiking, biking and cycling are popular recreational activities at Enchanted Forest. You can also check out the Management and Education Center, which features classrooms, an outdoor butterfly garden and a reference library.

Chain of Lakes

One of the best free things to do in Titusville, Florida is to go to Chain of Lakes Park. This is a very large park with multi-use fields, pavilions and public restrooms. It also has a plethora of fresh water lakes to go with its more than 92 acres. Besides being an environmentally friendly park, the park offers a slew of activities from golf to softball. In addition to its myriad sports, the park offers great views of the local fauna as well.

The Chain of Lakes has a number of notable features, notably the eponymous Lakefront Area, which boasts a whopping three miles of hiking trails and 5 softball diamonds to boot. There are also numerous other recreational facilities, including an athletic complex that includes 7 softball fields, eight soccer fields, a golf course and several practice areas.

Fox Lake Park

Fox Lake Park in Titusville, Florida is a county park that consists of more than 30 acres. It’s located near Whispering Hills Golf Estates and Country Club Estates. The facility has a boat ramp, a gazebo, five family picnic pavilions, and a large pavilion with kitchen and stage.

Fox Lake Park is located at 4400 Fox Lake Road in Titusville. This park is managed by the Florida parks and recreation department. You can expect a clean and well maintained environment. During the summer months, there are several fun and educational activities such as fishing and swimming. There is a boat launch for canoeing, kayaking, and other water based adventures.

Bioluminescence tours

Bioluminescence tours in Titusville, Florida are becoming popular among tourists. This mysterious type of light is created by dinoflagellate microorganisms. When disturbed by marine life, the billions of dinoflagellates emit a bluish light.

The Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge in Titusville, Florida is a great place to see bioluminescence. It is a federally designated wildlife preserve. Here, you will find a variety of native Florida animals, including manatees and dolphins. There are many different outfitters that offer bioluminescence tours. Some of them, like Calypso Kayaking, specialize in glass-like kayaks that allow you to experience an immersive, mystical experience. Others, such as Florida Adventurer, offer clear kayaks and rafting tours.