5 Things that make a Disney Vacation Special

1. Vacationing at Walt Disney World is fun for the whole family

Our first reason for loving Walt Disney World is that it is the ultimate family destination. Baby and grandparents can vacation together at this resort with little to no compromise on comfort and enjoyment.

All of the Disney parks, including Walt Disney World, have been designed with families in mind. There are attractions like Dumbo and It’s a Small World that appeals to people of all ages, there is entertainment that everyone can enjoy, and the parks exude an overall air of magic and wonder. This is one of the few places where we know everyone can have a magical time.

2. There is a sense of safety and cleanliness at Disney parks

One of the reasons Walt Disney World and the Disney parks are so popular with families is their cleanliness and security. The Disney Company takes great care to keep its parks in great shape and to look after its guests as well.

It’s rare to find trash on the ground at Disney. Even if you find one then You’ll have to set a stopwatch because it won’t last for long! As part of its commitment to safety, Disney has also increased security measures in the past few years.

When you are clean and safe on vacation, you will be able to relax more – you will have one less thing to worry about epically after covid has been ruling over us.

3. The little details are very important to Disney

Disney’s attention to detail is one reason why its parks stay clean and safe. Details like the distance between trash cans (about 30 feet) indicate cleanliness, but others like blaster-damaged walls in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge demonstrate Disney’s talent for storytelling.

There are many little details that contribute to creating a magical experience at Disney parks. A hidden Mickey might catch your child’s eye, or a cast member might show you some kindness (“pixie dust”). There are a lot of small things that set Disney World apart from other theme parks, and when you’re on vacation at Disney World, the small things add up quickly to the magic and mystery.

4. Disney inspires a passion for travel

Disney’s ability to inspire a love for travel is another reason we enjoy visiting Walt Disney World, and specifically Epcot’s World Showcase. Disney World provided you with logistical challenges that prepared you for globetrotting!

The World Showcase at Epcot is also a great source of inspiration for aspiring travelers. There are eleven pavilions representing different countries around the world. They provide a fairly authentic view of the world. These pavilions are even staffed by cast members from each country, ensuring authenticity and accessibility for the average tourist. World Showcase makes us want to explore more of the world when we aren’t at Disney and makes us want to go out and see it more often.

5. Theme parks at Disney take you to a different world

Visiting Disney World is like being transported to another world, which is another reason we love Walt Disney World vacations. There is a story behind pretty much everything at Walt Disney World. Throughout the park, the stories are told through the incredible craftsmanship created by the Imagineers, the stories that inform the attractions, the positivity and goodwill that the cast members bring to the experience.

While this has always been the case with Disney parks, Disney has really changed the game in the last few years. Disney has transformed what a theme park can be with its recent introduction of Pandora at Animal Kingdom, Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios, and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios.

You feel like you’ve been transported to another place in each of these lands, the sights and sounds leave you with the impression you’ve left Florida behind. Don’t miss Disney’s newest lands – they are some of the best designed in the world!

Final Thoughts

For the reasons outlined above, Disney World is a great place to visit. No vacation destination is perfect, but Disney World is close to perfection. When it comes to vacation destinations, Disney does a lot more right than wrong.

Here are just a few reasons we love Disney World; tell us why you love it in the comments!