A First-Timer’s Guide to Epcot

In case you’ve never been to Epcot, here’s your quick first-timer’s guide to the park. Explore global culture, and Seas and Earth attractions, and how to best spend your day there. Read on to discover all the best tips and tricks! Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned Disney fan, you’re sure to find something new to love in this Epcot guide!

  1. Imagination!
  2. Explore global culture
  3. Explore the seas
  4. Explore the earth
  5. Meet characters
  6. Enjoy nighttime shows


Imagination at Epcot is an interactive ride in the future world. The attraction is themed after the purple dragon Figment. The ride has mild inclines and a few periods of darkness. Several of the sensory effects are quite startling, including flashing lights and scents. It is definitely not for the faint of heart. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a first-timer, there are a few things to expect.

The Imagination! pavilion is situated on the western side of the park. Before the new addition opened, the pavilion was part of Future World West. Kodak, an American photographic giant, had partnered with Disney for 30 years. The pavilion was rezoned to World Celebration in 2021. Earlier, Kodak sponsored attractions, Kodak Photo Spots, and complimentary park guide maps. It is no surprise that the pavilion was the most popular attraction in the park.

Journey Into Imagination with Figment is a fun attraction in Imagination at Epcot. The ride is hosted by a purple dragon named Figment. It is also incredibly kid-friendly, and even accommodates small children. It also has no age restrictions. Guests can opt to use Genie+ to experience the Genie version of this attraction, which adds an additional cost. Guests are also treated to a lot of colorful scenery and the chance to participate in experiments.

Explore global culture

If you’ve been to Epcot, you’ve likely been to the World Showcase. With 11 pavilions representing different countries, this section of Epcot will transport you to a different culture. Along the way, you’ll enjoy street performers, cultural experiences, and short tourism movies. In addition to experiencing different countries, you can also eat local fare and shop. But what makes the World Showcase so unique?

This cultural exhibit features Morocco’s history, cuisine, and personal adornment. While you might be tempted to skip it in favor of the main attraction, you should check it out. The Moroccan culture heavily features personal adornment. And those adornments tell stories. While you’re there, you’ll see the different styles used by Moroccan women throughout the years and learn about the history behind each piece.

World Showcase is undergoing a transformation that will make it even more interesting. Soon, a new Ratatouille-themed attraction will open, and a nighttime show replacing IllumiNations will take its place. This is all part of the fun at Epcot. Explore global culture at Epcot to get a sense of the world. You’ll never get bored exploring this 1.2-mile-long section.

You may not have time to visit every single attraction, so plan your day wisely. Make a list of your top five attractions and get on them early in the morning. Save your afternoons for exploring the park’s most popular areas. And don’t forget to take a break from your vacation for a snack or meal. Your trip to Epcot won’t be complete without some delicious treats and tasty drinks! And you’ll enjoy the festival atmosphere!

Explore the seas

The Seas with Nemo and Friends is a great way to learn about the oceans and explore the animal kingdom. The dolphins practice their communication skills and Epcot scientists are learning more about them and how to communicate with them. One dolphin actually used to be a member of the Navy. While its job is classified, it seems like he would be a spy. You can also take pictures with Nemo in his underwater habitat.

After opening the Living Seas Pavilion, the park went through several design iterations. In fact, many of the pavilions at Epcot were originally in different locations around Future World. In the late-1980s, the Living Seas was moved to the current location near Mission: Space and Horizons. Before this, the pavilion had been called The Seas, but Disney later added ‘Living’ to the name. Today, you can see the original name of the pavilion without the ‘Living’ part.

The Living Seas was a high-tech area that showcased advanced methods of exploring the seas. One of the coolest ‘animatronics’ in The Living Seas was JASON, an undersea robot voiced by Jack Welker. Guests could explore the ocean with JASON and learn about the various techniques used to explore it. There were also many demonstrations of remote-controlled submersible robots in the Living Seas area.

Explore the earth

If you’re planning a trip to Epcot, you may be wondering what to do first, and this is where Spaceship Earth comes into play. Located in the entrance to Epcot, this 16-minute omnimover ride will whisk you away to space. Inside the sphere, you’ll explore the evolution of human communication and the first humans. The ride is suitable for all ages, and the Spaceship Earth offers the chance to “write our future” – a great way to relive your childhood! Judi Dench narrates the current version of the attraction.

The spaceship’s narrator has changed three times over the years. The first was American actor Vic Perrin, followed by former newscaster Walter Cronkite. After Irons’ departure in 2008, Academy Award winner Judi Densch took over. The musical score, conducted by Emmy winner Bruce Broughton, features a 63-piece orchestra and a 24-person choir. The attraction is known for its high capacity. Former sponsors of the attraction include AT&T (1982-2004), Bell Systems (1984-2004) and Siemens AG (2005-2019).

Spaceship Earth is one of the most iconic attractions at Epcot, and is the centerpiece of the futuristic Future World. Walt Disney’s vision for the future was embodied by the enduring Spaceship Earth attraction, which was formerly known as Tomorrowland. This futuristic theme park’s futuristic design includes Spaceship Earth, which takes visitors through man’s inventions and evolution of technology. In fact, Spaceship Earth is one of only two attractions in the World Showcase that features no queues – making it the ideal way to experience this attraction.

Meet Characters

When planning your visit to the Epcot park, meet characters at the Character Spot early in the morning. These characters are most likely to be out and about early in the morning, but if you’re traveling with a small child, a late morning or late afternoon meeting may be more appropriate. In addition to Snow White, meet Inside Out characters, such as Baymax and Inside Out. While the lines may be shorter, it’s difficult to get a good photo with these characters.

For the most memorable character interactions at the Epcot, make a point to visit during a special event. In the week leading up to the Very Merry Christmas Party, for instance, or during Princess Half Marathon Weekend. Characters may also appear around the International Gateway, Canada Pavilion, and American Adventure in the World Showcase. While these events aren’t guaranteed, the chances of a meeting with Disney characters are higher during these periods.

Enjoy nighttime shows

You’ll never forget the nighttime shows at Walt Disney World Resort, but you’ll also have to wait a couple more years to experience the new show at the Magic Kingdom. Epcot’s Illuminations is one of the most popular evening shows at the park. Here are some of the highlights of the nighttime shows at Epcot:

Another Epcot nighttime show is Harmonious, a spectacular show featuring more than 240 artists from around the world. This show features music from Disney films, pyrotechnics, water fountains, and laser effects. This show is the largest nighttime show in Disney history, and features a multicultural musical medley that showcases the diversity of cultures around the world. The Disney Enchantment show in Magic Kingdom dazzles crowds with projections from Main Street, U.S.A. to Cinderella’s Castle. The entire show is a spectacle, and the crowds will be inspired to believe in the magic and wonders of Disney World.