Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Things to Do

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is a wild, awesome African-themed animal theme park located in Tampa, Florida. It is owned by the SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment company, and is one of the world’s largest theme parks. It attracts over 4 million visitors each year and is sometimes considered to be the second best SeaWorld park in the world after the Orlando park. In addition to its world-class animals and zoos, Busch Gardens also offers several different family-friendly rides and attractions.

Busch Gardens has many attractions and shows, but a highlight is the Sultan’s Sweets bakery located in the center of the park. This sweet spot is the perfect place to reward yourself with a delicious slice of Turkish delight or a freshly baked cookie. Another great place to unwind is Myombe Reserve, where you can get a close-up view of a gorilla’s habitat and relax on a bench under the shade.

Busch Gardens is home to 6 orangutans! These endangered primates are housed in a special habitat and are incredibly well-cared for. This tropical rainforest has plenty of food and amenities to satisfy any taste. Whether you’re looking to take in a show or simply enjoy some fresh air, Busch Gardens is sure to satisfy your appetite! And if you’re looking for an activity that will take you to the zenith of relaxation, Busch Garden is the place to go.

For the animal lovers, Busch Gardens is a wonderful place to see and admire some of the world’s most exotic animals. It has many animal species to choose from, including the 6 orangutans. The show includes an ice skating show in the Moroccan Palace Theater, which is air-conditioned. And if you’re looking for a more laid-back environment, the Stanleyville Theater features ambitious productions. There’s something for everyone at Busch Gardens.

Depending on how much time you have to spend at Busch Gardens, you can choose from various activities. You can visit the African Lion Forest for a bird-watching experience. Orangutans are unique and beautiful creatures that you can observe in their natural habitat. The giraffe exhibit features a tropical habitat, as do the other species. It’s also possible to observe these majestic mammals from the safety of your seat.

To get a feel for the African wildlife, you can visit Busch Gardens. The zoo features over 200 species of animals. Guests can take a tour of the zoo to learn about their care. The park is also home to a number of exotic birds and other wildlife. The giraffe is the most popular among these animals. You can visit them all day long, and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the African Safari.

In Williamsburg, Virginia, Busch Gardens opened in 1975. Initially known as “The Old Country,” the park was originally a brewery site. In 1969, the company purchased 3,000 acres of land on the James River and planned a brewery. This was the perfect location for a theme park. The Montu roller coaster was the tallest and fastest in the world when it first opened. It still holds the record for being the tallest inverter at an amusement park.